1. Cao Lau is a noodle dish only found in Hoi An. The cao lau noodle is prepared using water from the Cham wells in the Quang Nam Province. The noodles are pre-soaked in the well water and lye made from wood ash bought from one of the Cham Islands, 10 miles outside of Hoi An. 

    Unlike pho (noodle soup), cao lau noodles are only served with a little broth. They are also served with salad greens, beansprouts, coriander, mint, basil, lime and fried rice crackers.

    Hands down, the best bowl of noodles ever! 

  2. When Emma’s Casio still worked. Hoi An, Vietnam

  3. Hoi An,Vietnam

  4. Bikes in Hoi An, Vietnam

  5. Patterns in Hoi An, Vietnam

  6. Vietnam, a fantastic world of colour, birds and bicycles.

  7. Kampot, Cambodia.

  8. Nature jungle gym .
    Ban Lung, Cambodia

  9. Through the jungle.
    Ban Lung, Cambodia.

  10. Being high and getting soaked in Ban Lung, Cambodia.